EUROCLAMP – Terminal Block


Euroclamp began the production of printed circuit terminal blocks and connector in Italy from 1991. Thanks to our experience of more than 30 years within a leading group of companies in the electronic field, we have been immediately recognized as a flexible, reliable and highly innovative company. We are a young company with an important technical know-how which allowed euroclamp to grow very fast in the last years both in terms of product offer than presence on a worldwide market.

The Euroclamp product is strong in High temperature and High power. Euroclamp is more and more identified as a “solution provider” and not only as a “components provider”. This mostly thanks to our skill for custom design-in solutions. Our customers rely on us to solve their designing problems and needs, they contact our R&D department to “create” value added solutions that bring to a novelty on the market. Our product can be equivalent to different kind of worldwide brand connector.